A Love Letter

Ode to Halloween Candy

Your bright packaging draws my eye

Orange, black, silver, and gold

I try to look away but a glint of light

Catches on your cellophane and foil

“Come to me”, you call

“No”, I say. “I need you not”.

“You do need me. You know you do!”

“I shouldn’t”, I say. But even as I say these words,

I look down to find you in my hands.

Feeling much like Alice in her Rabbit Hole

“Eat Me”, is what you seem to say.

Unlike Alice, I know which way I will grow

Bigger and bigger and bigger

“It’s only once a year. Surely, it’s okay…”

The wrapper crinkles in my hand. It tempts my very core.

As I feel the package tear into two, the chocolate grazes…

“Mommy. May I have a piece of candy?”

“Of course, dear. Please take this one”

Aah. Disaster averted. (Until next year).



  1. Yeah, it’s been calling to me and I’ve been eating myself into a sugar stupor!

  2. I really enjoyed it! :)
    Thanks for sharing it!

    Hope you had a great weekend and have a lovely week ahead.

    B xx

    • Betty,

      You and I share a love for food. Of course, you wax rhapsodically about beautiful homemdae pasta and fruit and I go on and on about cheap Halloween candy. Alas!

      Love you my friend!


  3. You are too nice, I would say, “Go get your own.”

  4. My daughter always gets me with “Mommy, can I have one of each kind…and you can too. I’ll make some tea and it will be a tea party”

    How can I say no to that?

  5. Olivia stole a peanut butter cup out of my hand the other day and I was so grateful! :)

  6. I bought 5 HUGE bags of candy after Halloween. The calories are slashed in half just like the price, right? RIGHT????

  7. I love it – and can relate all too well! :-)

  8. Hah! You are much stronger than I am. I give in. Every. Single. Time. And yes, I do know which way I will grow. Le sigh.

  9. That’s adorable. My recent late-night dips into the TOT bags are….embarrassing to say the least. I have NO self control. None.

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