Friday Fragments #3 — I May Not Be Amusing But I Am In For The Ride

Hi! I have not participated in Friday Fragments for a while (and by a while, I mean forever) so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to catch up with the lovely Mrs. 4444 over at Half Past Kissin’ Time.

So I had a few rough weeks.  Things happened and I let them “happen” to me. I chose to allow the worries of my world beat me down. But as I spoke about here, I snapped out of it. Or at least I snapped into working on it. Thanks to everyone who offered their support.

So in honor of that I thought that I would write of some celebrations from the last few weeks.

My daughter, Little Diva, is four years old. It is unbelievable to me even as I write this. Too soon I will not be able to refer to her as the “little” diva anymore (and based upon her attitude as of late, she will have earned the title “big” diva). She had a wonderful “Princesses and Pirates” party with her friends and she went as Rapunzel.

We played “Old School” games including hopscotch and “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”. Though in 2011, nothing is simple — everything is themed, so we had a stick the Treasure Chest on the Map’s X.

Donkey. Pirate’s Booty. Whatever. The kids had fun. And my girl was happy.

So, my daughter gained and my son lost. Lost his training wheels. Yep! My Sonny-Bunny rides a two-wheeler now. And he taught himself!

Flashback to Christmas 2010–  Santa might have gotten a little ambitious when he brought my son his bike. He might have gotten a very tall bike for Sonny-Bunny. Might have done, just saying…Therefore, my son might be having difficulty learning said tall bike. Well, when we were visiting my parents, my son found his old Elmo bike and learned to ride it without training wheels.

And there was one more loss to celebrate…

The Tooth Fairy visited our home last night and took away a long anticipated wiggly tooth. It was a loss but it was a big win.

Finally, I wanted to take a moment to update everyone on my trouble with my husband’s smoking in my post “Up in Smoke”. I wish I could say that I found the magic words to save him from this dangerous habit or that I had found some new Zen that made me the perfectly balanced, supportive wife that I need to save me. I can’t say that. I can say, however, that I was heartened by many of the comments and the hope that quitting is possible and that he can return to health. I also heard all of you who told me that a step back would be wise as nagging and anger were only aggravating the situation. I am doing my best!

So I am trying to get back on the Sunny Side of the Street. I will be returning to the neighborhood — please forgive my absence. And in honor of my return, I thought that I would return to one of my favorite things: sharing lyrics from favorite songs.

Grab your coat and get your hat
Leave your worry on the doorstep
Just direct your feet
To the sunny side of the street

Can’t you hear a pitter-pat
And that happy tune is your step
Life can be so sweet
On the sunny side of the street

I used to walk in the shade
With those blues on parade
But now I’m not afraid
This rover crossed over
If I’d never have a cent
I’d be rich as Rockefeller
Going to set my feet
On the sunny side of the street

Mommy's Idea



  1. You’ve got a lot of happiness going on in your life right now. I hope we can both continue to walk on the Sunny Side. :)

  2. This year has zapped the sunny side right out of me! I am hoping it turns around soon!
    Glad you found some good things to focus one. A belated happy birthday, happy two-wheeler, and happy lost tooth:)

    • Thanks! I think the key is to focus on the things that are working. I often am guilty of not seeing the forest for the trees. Hope your year turns around and lets the sunshine in!

  3. I love that you said that you snapped into working on snapping out of it. Isn’t that what we struggle with so often?

    Wonderful times with your children. (We learned with our children that teaching how to ride a bike on a ‘too small’ bike was THE best way to teach them.)

    Take care of yourself. You’ve got a lot of people cheering you on!

    • Ah, Mama Face, you always know the exact right thing to say. You are such a lovely person and I am thankful for your kind words.

  4. Man, you have some beautiful children.

  5. WOW! Your kids are sooo cute! and they look so happy!

    Precious moments with your children.
    Happy belated birthday!

    Big hugs!
    B xx

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