Words of Wisdom, Take Two

I had so much fun sharing the crazy things that my kids had to say that I thought I would share a little more of the wisdom I receive daily.

Seemingly after seeing a commercial, my daughter calls me into the living room.

Little Diva: Mommy! Mommy!

Me: (tripping as I ran in because obviously it’s an emergency) What, baby? What’s wrong?

LD: You need to get hanes.

Me: (catching my breath) What?

LD: You need to get hanes.

Me: Hanes? What’s hanes, baby?

LD: Hanes. Panties. They won’t ride up.

Whether that is a statement on my panty lines, I do not know. It seems, however, that this was of deep concern for her.


From my Sonny-Bunny comes this perspective on growing up.

SB: Mommy, I’m eight now.

Me: I know. You’re growing up so fast!

SB: I know! I’m half an adult.

Me: Really, half an adult? Don’t rush growing up, buddy.

SB: Well, now that I think of it, I’m really half a teenager.


The other night, we were all out for dinner and without any previous prompting, my daughter announced:

“Mommy and Daddy, if you were killed by a Bad Guy, I would be really angry.”

(Good to know, right?)

She furthered… “I would become a Super-hero and I would fight them!”

So watch out, Bad Guys, a new angry Super-hero is waiting in the wings!


And that’s my shot of wisdom to start your week off right. Tune in for future wisdom.




  1. says

    oh dear, it really comes to something when they comment on what underwear you should be wearing. Thanks for the giggles, I can only imagine how embarrassing your kiddies will find these posts in years to come, almost as bad as the photo of me aged 2, naked on a rug, that my mother delights in showing everyone.