Words of Wisdom, Take Two

I had so much fun sharing the crazy things that my kids had to say that I thought I would share a little more of the wisdom I receive daily.

Seemingly after seeing a commercial, my daughter calls me into the living room.

Little Diva: Mommy! Mommy!

Me: (tripping as I ran in because obviously it’s an emergency) What, baby? What’s wrong?

LD: You need to get hanes.

Me: (catching my breath) What?

LD: You need to get hanes.

Me: Hanes? What’s hanes, baby?

LD: Hanes. Panties. They won’t ride up.

Whether that is a statement on my panty lines, I do not know. It seems, however, that this was of deep concern for her.


From my Sonny-Bunny comes this perspective on growing up.

SB: Mommy, I’m eight now.

Me: I know. You’re growing up so fast!

SB: I know! I’m half an adult.

Me: Really, half an adult? Don’t rush growing up, buddy.

SB: Well, now that I think of it, I’m really half a teenager.


The other night, we were all out for dinner and without any previous prompting, my daughter announced:

“Mommy and Daddy, if you were killed by a Bad Guy, I would be really angry.”

(Good to know, right?)

She furthered… “I would become a Super-hero and I would fight them!”

So watch out, Bad Guys, a new angry Super-hero is waiting in the wings!


And that’s my shot of wisdom to start your week off right. Tune in for future wisdom.




  1. I love how much she’s looking out for you! :) Your kids are too cute!

  2. oh dear, it really comes to something when they comment on what underwear you should be wearing. Thanks for the giggles, I can only imagine how embarrassing your kiddies will find these posts in years to come, almost as bad as the photo of me aged 2, naked on a rug, that my mother delights in showing everyone.

  3. Very wise… all of them! lol Especially the whole riding up thing. lol, now that’s pretty funny!

  4. LOL I love these!!! My grandson can relate to becoming a super-hero to fight the bad guys!

  5. Awwwww!! These are hilarious AND super-adorable!

  6. Floyd Schenfeld says:

    Your site is actually outstanding. Keep going that way.

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