Sundays in My City #45 — Santa’s Little Scooters

Santa brought both of my little ones new scooters.

Santa may or may not have realized that both kiddos had outgrown their helmets. So Little Diva borrowed Sonny Bunny’s outgrown to try out her pretty pink scooter. This left Sonny Bunny helmet-less so he was very happy to wear his Daddy’s motor scooter helmet. (Mommy & Daddy have since rectified Santa’s oversight — tee hee hee!)

(My husband and I giggled that he looked like Rick Moranis in “Spaceballs”).

Happy Sunday All! Check out other Sundays over at UnknownMami.

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  1. Looks like fun. I wish that scooters were in when I was that age.

  2. Love the big helmet on Sunny Bunny! They look like they are having a great time on their new, bigger scooters.

  3. I actually just watched a TV show – “American Restorations” and they fixed up a 1920’s scooter. Apparently they were created when comeone put roller skate wheels on boards. Glad your children are enjoying them.

  4. I’m just tickled to DEATH to see two kids having such a ball with as old a technology as a foot-powered scooter!

  5. Looks like fun was being had by all. My sister and I received scooters when we were of a similar age to your two. My sister loved hers whilst mine was exchanged for a doll.

  6. Looks like fun! My kids love to scooter, though we are out of commission right now due to the several inches of snow and ice on the ground.

  7. love the spaceballs reference LOL

  8. I had a scooter when I was a kid, and a scar on my lip from when I fell to prove it (back in the days before helmets). Strangely, I’ve always liked that scar, though, maybe because I liked my scooter so much. Looks like your kids are having fun and it’s so great they’re outdoors being active!

  9. Great post! As a kid I wasn’t allowed to have a scooter or skateboard because my parents heard about kids falling on them! Hahaha! Of course kids fall on them!

  10. Well, Santa is very busy and I’m sure it wasn’t intentional.

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