Wordless Wednesday #74 – Antique?

Who says I don’t own any antiques?



RIP Blockbuster — you filled a lot of nights with entertainment and maxed out a lot of credit cards with late fees!

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      I came across it last week just after they announced they were closing everything and I couldn’t help but burst out laughing!

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    I kid you not, I totally had one of these years ago! Ours had a magnet on the back to keep on the fridge and my mom would use it to hold art work, etc.

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    Its been a while since we had any Blockbusters in our part of the world and having discovered LoveFilm I can’t say I actually miss the shops – apart from the lovely popcorn they used to sell that is. Now that I do miss.

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    LOL. Definitely an antique!!!

    Thanks for dropping by. Would you like to send me a pic of your Christmas tree for my ‘Christmas around the world’ post? :-)

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      Yes! I am finishing decorating and as soon as it’s complete, I’ll send you a pic. I think that’s a great project!