Wordless Wednesday #79 — Sweet Haul

Last week, I showed you my kids at their Valentine’s Party. Well, here is what they each came home with. It’s almost as big as their Halloween hauls. It seems like each holiday just gets bigger and bigger. (I blame Pinterest — haha!)

VDay Haul 2


And Little Diva’s haul…

VDay Haul 1

So that’s our sweet Wednesday, semi-Wordless as it may. Check out other Wordless Wednesdays here…




  1. says

    We lucked out this year. There are only 12 kids in the class so Phee didn’t get too much candy, and most of it is lollipops we can stash in the pantry for later.

  2. says

    Seeing the fun dip reminds me of childhood. Although, I always preferred the dip stick to the powder.

    I never claimed to be normal!

    Thanks for sharing such a sweet post.

  3. says

    That is a lot of loot! My kids were not allowed to pass out candy at school, just stickers or pencils with their Valentine’s. However, some kids (not mine) broke this rule because I saw some candy in my childrens’ Valentines. Enjoy your Wednesday!

  4. says

    What happen to the days of just tiny little punch out valentines and candy hearts??? Everything is so commercialized, and the dentist gets to put another kid through college.