Come Play in May — The Ball I Dropped

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Today I am back playing with my friends Evin and Shelley. Today I the theme is the ball I dropped. I have dropped so many balls, I don’t even know where to start. It is a side effect of trying to juggle too much — balls must hit the ground.

Balls I Have Dropped:

  • Taking full advantage of the opportunities provided me by going to acting school — Fear is a very powerful force. Much like gravity, it pulls me down.
  • Sleep training — My kids were terrible sleepers as babies and I couldn’t stand the crying so now I have two children aged 7 and 10 constantly in my bed.
  • Baby books, etc. — I started a beautiful baby book for Sonny-Bunny (child #1). It sits unfinished a decade later and let’s not even mention the lack of book for child #2. I have bins and bins of things I saved but the likelihood that they will make it into pretty books, pretty slim.
  • Learning a language and using it — Multiple years of French have resulted in my ability to read Le Petit Prince and nothing more. If a French person spoke to me, I would simply smile and nod in my best Ugly American way.
  • Friendships that have fallen away — I am thankful to FaceBook for bringing many lost friends back but I still find there are people I miss and have not yet found again.
  • Saving money — Back in my twenties, my father told me if I could save 10% every pay check, I could easily have $1 million plus before retirement. This did not happen. Yes, I can and should start saving now but I will never get back that time.
  • A million other things — you can’t get time back and you can sometimes get friends back but mostly I hope that the balls I have dropped have never hit anyone on the head.

Dropping balls is a part of my life. But I didn’t drop the ball on today’s challenge! It’s not too late to Come and Play! What balls have you dropped?

Come Play in May




  1. Do you know what’s so great? It’s never too late. Not for any of that (except maybe sleep training because boy is that a nightmare whether you do it or not).

  2. Oh lawrd you have a LIST! Yikes. Now I’m going to be inspired to make a list. No, I’m going to refuse to make a list. Wait, maybe I’ll just do a shot instead. Yes, I’ll make a shot instead of a list. Problem solved.

  3. I love that you have a list. I should have thought of doing that — all the things I’ve NOT done. That would have been a long post!!


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