Super Star Series #3 – Amanda Evans Brings Sadie to the Land of Dancing Colors

My life has brought a lot of wonderful people in my life. Amanda Evans is one of those people. A beautiful, bubbly blonde she looks like the best friend you always wanted to have. But she is so much more than that. She carries a deep abiding faith and believes she is called to work for a higher good. For her, that calling is bringing education to poor girls in India. After traveling to India and seeing the need, she started a book series centered around Sadie, a spunky Paper Crown Princess who wanted (like her author) to make the world happier.


Amanda is committed to getting children sponsored so they may go to school. Unlike in the United States, Indian children are not required to go to school and it is not free. School is simply an expense that too many families cannot afford. The series supports her efforts in India, as well as bringing a message about the power girls have to change the world. In this edition Sadie travels to her friends in India, the Land of Dancing Colors, and tries to find the place where she can help. She tries working in the infirmary. She tries cooking. She helps but it is not the right fit. But then she puts together a library with happy pillows and bright colors and she knows she has done something special.

Doing something special is what Amanda has done along with her illustrator, Mandy Newham-Cobb who has illustrated Sadie so beautifully. As a woman still searching for my calling, I am moved and touched by what my friend is doing. In the name of that, I am offering a book to one of my readers.

I will sponsor a child in the winner’s name and have a book sent to them.

And as always, I want to make it easy. Just check out Amanda’s mission then come back and leave me a comment telling me how you would most like to be a part of her story. I will keep the giveaway open through June 6th the day before her celebration which I will be attending. I would love it if you would join me. Either way, I hope you will consider supporting Amanda and her kids!

Sadie Bike



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