What’s Happening — Come Hang Out with Me

Pray for me people — in my year of getting my hair wet, I am participating in my second Google Hangout but this time, I’m not just braving 7 Minutes like I did with my friend Unknown Mami. Today, MomCom has convinced me to talk for 15. Aack! The subject is keeping your dreams alive […]

41 Trips Around the Sun

41 Trips around the sun, and what have you done? On Friday, I celebrated another birthday bringing my total to 41. I decided this year to break with tradition and not look at my life in perspective of where I going but instead look from where I have come. In other words, I usually think […]

Living My Best Life

Oprah always liked to talk about living your best life. She would bring on a collection of “experts” to tell us how to do it. And I soaked it up like a sponge. (I actually mourned her leaving.) And like all good Oprah-ites, I had a vision of what that Best Life would be. It […]