Just Like a Play, This Life (And Yours) Has A Second Act

aging, dream, acting

Lately, I have been doing a lot of thinking about why at my purpose it and what my second (or really third) act will look like. When we’re young, everything seems possible. There is always enough time to do all the things we desire. Sometimes it is hard to believe after a certain age that those dreams […]

What’s Happening — The One I Wrote for You

THe One I Wrote for You

Did you ever a dream that didn’t quite happen? My readers know I did. And my readers also know that I’ve learned that a happy life can be created despite these incomplete wishes. That’s the premise of the new film “The One I Wrote for You”. The movie (filmed in San Antonio — yee-haw!) looks at […]

Friday Fragments #50


  It’s Friday! Before I was a mom, that meant something but post-children, it doesn’t have quite the Zing! While the alarm doesn’t have to ring at 6:00 to make it to school, I don’t sleep in. No… my children miraculously rise on their own and wake me on days that they don’t have school. […]

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road


One of the reasons I love award shows is because people get their “moment”. They get a time to bask in the appreciation of their peers which is lovely; really what we all dream about. But that isn’t my favorite part. What I really love is that they get the moment to say “Thank you”. […]

Writing Every Day in May — Day 14: This Makes Me Happy

Today’s Prompt is Ten Things That Make Me Happy: When my husband tells me he loves me — after 25 years together, this still makes my world spin When I hear my children laugh together — the moments when they play together without fighting and their laughter fills the air sends my soul soaring Sipping […]