Friday Fragments #8

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Welcome to Friday Fragments. If you haven’t fragged before, Friday Fragments is a place to share those thoughts, quips, and tidbits that don’t quite make a whole post’ e.g. fragments or frags. I host every Friday and would love for you to join in. Please link up and visit other Fraggers. *** Well. it’s Friday. […]

I is For Insecurity

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With all the media centering on David Lettermans’s retirement, I saw a very interesting interview with the man of the hour. Letterman shared that even after all these years of success, he has huge insecurity. He was always ready for someone to tap him on the shoulder and ask him to leave. He fought feelings […]

Just Like a Play, This Life (And Yours) Has A Second Act

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Lately, I have been doing a lot of thinking about why at my purpose it and what my second (or really third) act will look like. When we’re young, everything seems possible. There is always enough time to do all the things we desire. Sometimes it is hard to believe after a certain age that those dreams […]

What’s Happening — The One I Wrote for You

THe One I Wrote for You

Did you ever a dream that didn’t quite happen? My readers know I did. And my readers also know that I’ve learned that a happy life can be created despite these incomplete wishes. That’s the premise of the new film “The One I Wrote for You”. The movie (filmed in San Antonio — yee-haw!) looks at […]

Friday Fragments #50


  It’s Friday! Before I was a mom, that meant something but post-children, it doesn’t have quite the Zing! While the alarm doesn’t have to ring at 6:00 to make it to school, I don’t sleep in. No… my children miraculously rise on their own and wake me on days that they don’t have school. […]