What’s Happening — The One I Wrote for You

THe One I Wrote for You

Did you ever a dream that didn’t quite happen? My readers know I did. And my readers also know that I’ve learned that a happy life can be created despite these incomplete wishes. That’s the premise of the new film “The One I Wrote for You”. The movieĀ (filmed in San Antonio — yee-haw!) looks at […]

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road


One of the reasons I love award shows is because people get their “moment”. They get a time to bask in the appreciation of their peers which is lovely; really what we all dream about. But that isn’t my favorite part. What I really love is that they get the moment to say “Thank you”. […]

Writing Every Day in May — Day 14: This Makes Me Happy

Today’s Prompt is Ten Things That Make Me Happy: When my husband tells me he loves me — after 25 years together, this still makes my world spin When I hear my children laugh together — the moments when they play together without fighting and their laughter fills the air sends my soul soaring Sipping […]