Ashley Judd is My Hero

Last week, I spoke about a few hot topics. I almost wrote about Ashley Judd then but I really wanted to highlight how AWESOME I think this woman is. So often women in the media capitalize on their beauty and never speak to the ridiculousness of a system that tells us that girls in their […]

The Mom I Am Going to Be

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Last week, I shared my fears and failings as a mom. It was a really hard post to write. And it was a really, REALLY hard to hit publish. As soon I clicked, I worried. I felt so exposed. Would you all think I was the worst mother since Faye Dunaway’s Joan Crawford screamed, “No […]

Confessions of a Star

Catchy title, huh? Sounds like a Jackie Collins novel or something worthy of a Rubert Murdoch style tabloid. Well, if that is what you are hoping for you may find this a little lot disappointing. But it is time that I tell you the truth. I am a fraud. Got you all excited again, didn’t […]

But I Don’t Want A Pole in My Bedroom…

As the days¬†dwindled toward my birthday, I became keenly aware of the vast amount of advertisement directly targeted at me. And well, it ain’t pretty, folks. It’s down right disturbing. It seems the list of products to make me me a better cook, to organize my house, to get me in shape, to ¬†keep me […]

I Only Thought the Earth Below Me Was Shaky

So I have been suffering from a terrible case of isuckitis. It has had me couch-ridden watching bad television and feeling pitiful. For those of you not up on the latest diseases, isuckitis is pronounced I-Suck-i-tis. I have been swirling in a pool of frustration, self-pity, and overstressed mommyness. I have hated my hair, been […]