Sticks and Stones

Girl with the Red Dot on Her Nose

Today’s Axis of Ineptitude’s prompt was “Sticks and Stones”.   Sticks and Stones may break my bones, But words will never hurt me.   I said that many a time and it didn’t become any more true with each reciting. And boy,  have I had words hurt me. When I was young, I had a birthmark […]

Still Playing in June – I Am…


I had so much fun playing in May that when my friends over at the Axis of Ineptitude challenged us to keep going in June, I raised my hand! Today’s prompt is “I Am…” Over the years, I have shared parts of myself in various ways. So how do I tell you who I am […]

Come Play in May — Tell Me a Story


Today’s challenge was a bit of fiction. Below is a story I’ve been playing with… *** Her phone rang. On the screen popped up a picture of two boys and a girl making goofy faces; sticking out tongues and making bunny ears with their fingers. At the top of the screen, it read “Home”. For […]

Come Play in May – Double Entendre


I love playing with words. Anyone who knows me or has read my blog more than once knows I love a good pun. And yet, when I approached this prompt, I came up at a loss. What to write? I wanted to be clever. I wanted to live up to the fancy french word for […]

Come Play in May – Mondays are for Venting


Well to be precise… B@#ching but I couldn’t stand for my mom to see that headline. After this past week, I have little to b@#ch about. But there was this… Before… I received this gorgeous Stella & Dot bag from the Mom 2.0 Summit. Look how pretty. Look how clean. Now look… Yep… not quite […]