Even Hearts That Soar Can Be Heavy

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On Saturday, I joined my family in memorializing an important man in my life. I fear that I may never have expressed this importance to him. This will be a regret in my life. A regret that I hope never to have again. We hear it day in and day out. tell the people you [...]

Blogtember – Day 10

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Today's prompt is to write a public love letter to someone in your life. The timing could not be more perfect as it the 44th birthday of the man I love most, my hubby, Mr. Hero. Dear Mr. Hero, It may be hard to believe but 25 years ago, I celebrated the first of many [...]

I Will Never Forget, Part 3

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Last year, I started writing about my experience on September 11th and could never finish. I'm going to try to do that today. Here is the link back. I was on the island and my husband was in Queens. Manhattan had been shut down -- no trains in and out. All bridges closed. I could [...]

Blogtember – Day 6

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Today's prompt was a Turning Point in my life. As I sat and thought, several came to mind. Meeting my now-husband at 16 certainly changed my life. A simple pizza delivery brought the love of my life into my life and the last 25+ years are certainly reflective of that. In 1996, I got into [...]

Blogtember – Day 5

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Today's prompt was based on a Carl Jung based test here. We are supposed to take the test and then explore our personality type. I love this idea but it seems the test does not like me. It lets me answer about two questions and then crashes. If I ever am able to complete the [...]