Friday Fragments #45 — Failure Frags

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Failure Frags   First, I have to say that with the beginning of school for the kids, my start of the semester as a student, and the incredible heat, which is killing me, I have a large list of personal failures. I have forgotten snacks and missed swim practice. I have been a very a little [...]

13 Years in the Rearview Mirror

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I will never forget

Most of my readers know that this journey began with the Towers falling 13 years ago. I don't want to repeat myself here so the Reader's Digest version is this: I was pursuing acting in New York in 2001. I was in the city that fateful morning. I couldn't get home because the island was shut down [...]

Tackle It Tuesday #7

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Tackle It Rosie

It's Tuesday and I'm tackling! Last time, I shared this project:   Well, it didn't happen easily but I did create a mudroom and craft closet. Check it out!   I am actually pretty proud! Doesn't mean I don't have more to do. That's the life of a parent, right? Here's my next project -- [...]