I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up

Most of you know that I am on the road full time with my kiddos and we have fallen off the grid a little. We are visiting a beautiful park that has no phone or internet service. I will be back up for air tomorrow and looking forward to reconnecting. ‘Til then, stay classy!

Axis of Ineptitude — Dirty Dishes

dish, drain, art, jenga

For years, my husband would help clean the kitchen by pushing all the dirty dishes into the sink. He would then clean the counters and look at me like “voila!” I would then have to remove all the dishes from the sink and stack them on the counter he just cleaned so I could rinse them […]

#Keep Building with Lego

Lego, play, #KeepBuilding

I was given a box of Classic Legos at Mom 2.0 for the purpose of review. The opinions are mine. It is my Universe, after all. *** My kids are screen kids. I admit it. Judge if you must.  We do put limits but I am very aware that they are very liberal limits in many […]